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Bangalore, January 20, 2019: Greenwood High – Bannerghatta, in collaboration with Prani – a pet sanctuary hosted “KNOWture”, a first of its kind event dedicated to bring youngsters close to flora and fauna by creating an environment where children could feel nature. Adding to the glee of over 700 people who had gathered for the event, the team from Prani brought several animals like pony, emu, goat, sheep, iguana, degu, donkey, Cochin bantam, ducks, terrapin, Guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, hedgehog, hamster, hooded rats, pigeons, puppies, African giant snails, meal worms, rooster, cray fish, egg collections, exo skeleton and Senegal parrot. The kids were left wonderstruck as they went through the amazing exhibit of animals and gathered knowledge about each one of them.

Nisha Jain, a visitor who attended the event with her 2-year-old daughter, said: “I feel every child must get a chance to take care of pets. It instills a sense of responsibility and kindness in them. However owing to the hard-pressed schedules we are entangled in and the space crunch, we can hardly gift our children the opportunity. I really appreciate this initiative of Greenwood High-Bannerghatta for giving us the moment to restore the lost bond with nature.”

When asked an overjoyed kid who was playing with the animals for long, she said “I have never seen so many animals from so close, touched or held them in my arms. This is something I would cherish throughout. I am simply falling short of words right now”.

It was a touch, feel and hands-on experience for the guests as they were literally mesmerized by the sight. Over 10 facilitators were engaged to guide the guests through this lifetime experiential education on how to interact with animals. It was a breath-taking moment to watch the children caressing the animals with their tiny fingers and feeding them as well.

Ridhan, a student from Greenwood High, added: “I always prefer outdoor classes over learning from within the four walls of the classroom and “KNOWture” was the best way of gaining knowledge about the animals from close in the lap of nature. I hope my school continues to organise such events every year.

Speaking on this occasion, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said, “KNOWture, according to me, is a great endeavor of encouraging the little ones to explore, to seek beyond and be responsible and harmonious to their surrounding environment. At Greenwood High, we never confine our children within the four walls of the classroom. Instead encourage them to explore, to seek beyond, to be inquisitive about the environment around them and love other living beings”



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