Saturday, August 15th, 2020

“Every Child is the gift of god”

Trisha Chakravorty*,,

Humanity is at stake today. Is it a crime to be born as a girl? In Indian Culture a girl is considered to as Goddess Lakshmi. She brings health, wealth, prosperity and joy to the family. She should constantly be protected by her parents and her siblings. In Indian custom ‘Kanya Dan’ is known to be the greatest dan . A father is known to be blessed if he is a father of a daughter. But somehow this blessing is constantly being destructed and is turning to be a curse. Even now and then some where a girl is being tortured by her parents, some times she is seriously injured and has to be admitted in the hospital. This pain is given to her by her own blood. The blood that has brought her to life into this beautiful world, the world which is so beautiful, heavenly instead she is been pushed towards darkness. The only colours she recognises in her life are red and black. The colour of love has turned to be the colour for pain-BLOOD for her and the colour of black as darkness. Today , though we are modern educated people and proceeding towards development but still we are not being able to broaden our minds. People still do not welcome girls with love and affection. Every Child is the gift of God, hence she should be accepted with grace. Does’nt these so called people understand that if they kill all the girls, then who will bring the next generation to life? This is the matter of great concern and all who practice discrimination and abuse girls must be punished severely. The ashes of Falak has not yet cooled, yet another child is being tortured by her father. Afreen – a three month old girl child has been tortured by her father. She has been literally bitten and beaten by her father. These things are seen in a metro city like Bangalore. Afreen is battling for life after being allegedly abused by her father. She has been admitted to Vani Vilas hospital and is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fighting for her life. The doctors said her condition is serious and the baby has several bitten marks all over her body. She is even having respiratory trouble .The report even said that her father has even smothered the baby by pillow. The father, Umar Farook has been arrested on the basis of the complaint lodged by his 19 year old wife-Reshma. Recently the news had been spread that baby Afreen expired due to cardiac arrest at 10.40 am and hence the question of humanity arises. A baby who could not even speak properly is killed by her own father. People with such gesture should be severely punished. The government must take very strict action against the man. People from every nooks and corner of the society must protest against this brutuality. Our one hand can save another Afreen and Falak. This is the responsibility of all the people here to protest against all the evils of the society. The father who is basically the criminal must be given severe punishment. The police and law must take some serious step so that it gives a wide message to all the humo-animals of the society; the consequences will be very dangerous if any one is found harassing a child be it a boy or a girl. They are the purest soul and hence should be protected and secured. Their age are to be in the schools, parks and to play with toys but not to be in the hospital, fighting for life everyday and being played by the machines.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC

Trisha Chakravorty, Student, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University (A Central University), Lucknow



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