New Delhi,

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that we need adequate representation to women in Parliament and State Legislatures. Releasing a Hindi book titled “Bharat Rajneeti Ke 50 Shikhar Mahilayen” authored by Dr. Asshwine Shastri, he emphasized on the need for political and economic empowerment women, and said that they should be given equal opportunities in all fields. The Vice Chairperson on National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, Ms. Anusuia Uikey, the former Minister for Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir, Smt. Priya Sethi and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

The Vice President said that the world over it has been recognized that representation of women in legislatures would help in resolving complex and sensitive socio-economic matters.

Pointing out that all political parties had agreed for providing reservation for women in the Parliament and Legislatures, he wondered why they were not moving forward on the issue.

Saying that economic empowerment of women was as important as their political empowerment, he said equal rights on parental property must be extended to women.

Expressing concern over the growing atrocities on women, he said any atrocity should not be politicalised.  He also called for change of mindset among the people to prevent atrocities. It is not enough if we have a mere Bill, and said that there should be political will and administrative skill to kill the evil.

Observing that India had the tradition of respecting women from ancient times, he pointed out those women had occupied positions of power in scriptures.  Large number of women had played a key role during India’s Independence movement and in various fields in post-independent India- from sports to politics and economics.

The Vice President lauded the author for bringing out a book on the achievement of fifty women political leaders of the country. It will not only be useful as a reference book, but will also give inspiration to the younger generation, he added.



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