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Friday, October 30th, 2020

EPIQUE launches INTENSIVE REGENERATING NIGHT CREAMS: A deep wrinkle action night replenishing formula for mature skin

Epique launches Intensive Regenerating Night Creams for mature skinINVC NEWS New Delhi Ever wanted a cream to work its magic on you while you rest for the night? Look no further than Eqique’s Intensive Regenerating Night cream. Apply a little bit on your face and surrender to your beauty sleep – quite literally. This cream is packed with concentrated plant molecular extracts of pure Boswellia Serata Resin and Glycrrhiza Glabra Root, which replenishes your skin's nutrients and acts at the intra-cellular level to protect your pores. The combination of algae extracts, shea butter extracts, moringa seed oil, almond oil, vitamin E and C in this cream enriches your skin, keeping it taut and supple.

Epique lab's clinically tested powerful regenerating night phyto-concentrate formula, filled with anti-oxidants, penetrates deeply and replenishes the skin's moisture and nutrients to ensure nightly recovery that makes you glow from within. Its restorative night formula restores skin elasticity, reduces fine lines, smoothens out uneven skin tone, and leaves your skin feeling renewed, revitalised and radiant. What more could a woman want?



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