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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Ensure cleaning of river water channels before monsoon season

Haryana Power, New and Renewable Energy, Jails Minister Ranjit Singh said that proper arrangements should be made for the water flowing in Ghaggar river so that maximum benefit of its water can be availed in the fields of the area. Along with this, it should be ensured that river linked water channels are cleaned, so that the water flowing capacity in the channels can be enhanced, he said. The Power Minister gave these directions to the officials after inspecting the arrangements made on the Ghaggar river and water channels.

        The Power Minister also directed the officers concerned to inspect the embankments from time to time and directed them to get it repaired with immediate effect if required. He gave these directions after inspecting Ratta-Kheda Kharif Channel and Ghaggar-Bani-Sahadeva-Mammad­-Kheda link channel.

        The Power Minister asked the officials of the Irrigation Department to ensure timely cleaning of link channels for proper management of water flowing in Ghaggar river. For this, additional machines should be utilized so that this work can be completed in time. No relaxation will be entertained in this work. The flow of water in these channels can be enhanced with proper cleaning of water channels, he added.

During the inspection officers of the Irrigation Department were also present.



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