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Saturday, January 16th, 2021

Engineers urged to adopt technology as per the consumer and business needs


New Delhi,

Engineering fraternity in the country has been urged to adopt newer technologies  as per the changing consumer and  business needs as safety is  of paramount importance for modern-day engineering system .

“The present-day  home consumer product and a car buyer in India is a lot more evolved in terms of what he or she wants from their next home product or a vehicle. No longer is it about finding the car that struck the balance between being most aggressively priced and offering the highest fuel efficiency. Today, the product buyer considers a lot more variables, like, styling, practicality, after-sale service support, features and so on. But one of the criteria that is quickly making its way towards the top of the checklist is safety. The effect is such that car makers today are making an active effort not only to meet the bare minimum safety standard required in order to be able to sell that car in India but instead, meet the highest levels of global safety standards.” Said Mr Amitabha Ghosal , President, Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) while speaking at a webinar in “Safety in Engineering’ organized by CEAI as part of its Diamond year celebrations.


“Safety in Engineering must be considered for all aspects and in all stages of the lifecycle of all built or manufactured assets. Hence, the webinar will introduce the overall concept of Safety considering the intricacies involved right from the lowest rung Worker to the Chief Executive. The status and the future would also be presented and how digitalisation can go a long way in improving safety at the workplace.” Said Dr. N Krishnamurthy Founding Director Centre for Workplace Safety and Health, Mysuru Safety Consultant and Trainer, Singapore.


“The economic down turn has seriously affected industrial activity in the country. Total impact of the same is still to be realized. This has called for innovative management practices including financial, technical and marketing interventions to ensure total cost effectiveness in the operations. Safety in operations has been realized to be an important component that contributes to controlling the cost of production and thereby has a direct impact on cost effective production of industrial products. This effect is not fully realized when safety is considered as stand alone competent of manufacturing operation.” Said  ,Dr Harshavardhan Subbarao Chairman & Managing Director Construma Consultancy Member Governing Council- CEAI.

Attending delegates also stressed on the need changing technical education system in the country and adding occupational safety as part of

Eminent engineering safety experts from India and abroad participated in the webinar will include Dr Nikhil Bugalia Visiting Assistant Professor Building Technology and Construction Management Group Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Mr M Nachiappan DGM (EHS) Building & Factories IC L&T Construction while speaking at the webinar,Dr Harshavardhan Subbarao Chairman & Managing Director Construma Consultancy Member Governing Council- CEAI Chairman, CEAI-Western Region Mr Sanjay Pant, Head Civil Engineering, Bureau of Indian Standards, Mr Devendra Gill, Head Safety, Delhi Metro Prof A S Sangapurkar, National Institute of Construction Management and Research

Some of the subjects that will be discussed at the webinar included complexity, safety & leadership, status and future of workplace safety in india, digitalization for safety



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