Saturday, July 4th, 2020

End discrimination against Dalits, Tarun Vijay takes up temple entry issue in Uttarakhand in Rajya Sabha

Tarun Vijay takes up temple entry issueINVC NEWS New Delhi ,

Speaking on the plight of Scheduled castes BJP MP Tarun Vijay demanded that SCs are bei8bg denied entry in Uttarakhand and they have been thrashed and beaten up0 but stat5e govt has not taken any action against the culprits. When Dalit leaders like Daulat Kunwar and his wife Saraswati were mistreated while going to pray in the temple, he went to the Governor with the complaints but till culprits are not booked and on the other side Daulat Kunwar is being threatened that he should not pursue the cases. He demanded that centre must ask state govt to protect dalits and work sincerely to end the bonded labour system prevalent in Jaunsar bawar area. He also demanded that two crematorium system prevalent in many parts of the country, must end and  SCs should be protected to perform the last rites of their dead in dignity. Stating that we neither let them live  with respect due to the prevalence of caste based discriminations and nor  we allow them to perform last rites with respect. Tarun Vijay cited many examples of Tamilnadu where the SCs were harassed for taking their dead to the cremation grounds and they were denied passage from main road- like in Villupurma incident.. Tarun Vijay is  the first MP in India to have spoken against the two crematorium system in parliament. He said that in Uttarakhand also Dalits were denied entry to temples and in one incident when a SC pregnant lady went to prayer in the temple she was misbehaved. The complaint was given to the Governor, by a delegation of the victims led by Tarun Vijay and protests were made, but the victims were threatened with dire consequences  if they pursued with complaints. he said that the issues of atrocities on SCs should not be seen from political party's coloured angle and there needs to be consensus to stop such incidents. Why should it v be necessary to belong to your party to have the case of injustice taken up in parliament? Tarun Vijay asked. Are not all Dalits are ours  beyond party lines? Speaking to media Shri Tarun Vijkay said that the RSS chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat has also issued an appeal to end the custom of having a separate crematoriums for the SCs. All Hindus must have one temple and one crematorium, he said. He received govt assurance to work towards this end and many party members support5ed him.



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