Empowering Women: PM Modi’s Quest for Financial Empowerment


New Delhi : Explore PM Modi’s groundbreaking vision to empower two crore women financially by 2024. Dive into the inspiring journey of Rubina Khan, from a ₹5,000 loan to owning a shop in Devash. Discover the essence of inclusive growth and laughter in the pursuit of women’s empowerment .


Intriguing moments often arise when leaders voice transformative visions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently sparked a dialogue during his visit to Madhya Pradesh, expressing his aspiration to see two crore women in India become crorepati (millionaires) before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

PM Modi’s Vision

Under the banner of the ‘Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra,’ PM Modi engaged in discussions with beneficiaries of various government programs. His resolute dream involves fostering financial independence among millions of Indian women, emphasizing their potential to attain substantial wealth.

Empowering Women Through Dialogue

The interaction at Devash unfolded with an exchange between PM Modi and a woman named Rubina Khan. During this tête-à-tête, Modi inspired a show of hands from women aspiring to become millionaires, advocating for their financial elevation.

Encouraging Success Stories

Rubina’s narrative unfolded as she shared her journey, having initially borrowed ₹5,000 from a self-help group to start selling clothes with her husband on a motorcycle. Modi’s response, sprinkled with humor, highlighted the contrast between their possessions, evoking laughter.

####### Rubina’s Success Journey Rubina’s diligence led her to upgrade to a second-hand Maruti van, prompting Modi’s jovial acknowledgment. Her perseverance culminated in owning a shop in Devash, a testament to her growing success.

Modi’s Humor Amidst Support

Modi, in his characteristic humor, highlighted the progress disparity between Rubina’s van and his lack of even a bicycle. This lighthearted exchange resonated with the audience, bridging the gap between a leader’s jest and the earnest strides of a resilient entrepreneur.

Acknowledging Women’s Endeavors

In acknowledgment of women’s initiatives, Modi stressed the imperative of supporting their endeavors. His stance, resonating beyond the humor, emphasized the substantial work ahead in empowering women across diverse spheres of society.


PM Modi’s vision to empower two crore women to financial independence is emblematic of inclusive growth. The Devash interaction underscored the transformative potential within each woman, irrespective of their current circumstances.


1. What was the context of PM Modi’s statement about empowering women financially?

PM Modi expressed his aspiration to see two crore women in India become millionaires before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections during his visit to Madhya Pradesh.

2. Who was Rubina Khan, and what did she share during the interaction with PM Modi?

Rubina Khan shared her journey of starting with a ₹5,000 loan from a self-help group to eventually owning a shop in Devash, showcasing her entrepreneurial success.

3. How did PM Modi engage with the audience during the interaction?

PM Modi playfully highlighted the contrast between Rubina’s possessions, particularly her Maruti van, and his lack of even a bicycle, infusing humor into the conversation.

4. What was the significance of PM Modi’s emphasis on supporting women’s endeavors?

PM Modi stressed the importance of backing women’s initiatives, signaling the need for comprehensive support in empowering women across societal spheres.

5. What was the underlying message conveyed by PM Modi through his vision for women’s financial empowerment?

PM Modi’s vision embodies the inclusive growth of India, highlighting the transformative potential within every woman, regardless of their present circumstances.


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