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Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Emotional Intelligence is the key to success

INVC NEWS Chandigarh, Confederation of Indian industry (CII) Chandigarh Council organised a one day Workshop on Emotional Intelligence in Chandigarh today. The workshop aimed to increase the effectiveness of the participants as a leader and to lift their team’s performance to new heights by providing an insight to their emotional quotient. The objective was to make them aware of their actions & feelings, and how they can manage their conversations, thoughts & emotions under pressure. Mr Vivek Atray, IAS (Retd) & Motivational Speaker, stated that Emotional Intelligence is the key to success. Traditional Indian philosophy as well as modern Western thinking point to the fact that balance and calm leadership is key to the success of any venture. It is well-known that one must be intelligent to be successful in business. However, being smart does not always equal success. Many factors also must be present, including the ability to motivate, to empathize, to lead and to inspire. This is where emotional intelligence comes in. Leadership skills can only be developed on the foundation of well-developed emotional intelligence, he added. Dr Nandita Mehta, Consultant, Behavioural Sciences and Organisational Development said that emotions are an integral part of our mental profile and manifest themselves in the choices we make & our interactions. They can be the engines of our success or the root cause of our failures. The ability to be more mindful and purposeful with our emotions defines both personal and organizational success. Research shows that EQ is a far stronger predictor of success than IQ. Delegates from various sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, education, research etc participated in the workshop.



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