With an ideology of all you need is a destination to disappear, Sujal Patwardhan and Medha Joseph made their passion for road-trip into a successful career option. Having first met on a road trip from India to Morocco, after which they first conceptualised Embarq, Sujal and Medha have taken on journeys to Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, and the Baltics among others for travellers both young and old. They have travelled through uneven terrains, adventurous stretches of highways and mystical landscapes.


After an overwhelming response to their Peru trip last year, Embarq will travel again to the off-beat Peruvian landscapes with another batch of 15 enthused Indian travellers. Peru is home to a section of Amazon rainforest and is also known for its tourist-friendly and Bollywood-loving people.


The trip will be flagged-off on 2nd November 2019 from Lima, Peru and end in Lima again on 15th November 2019.


The travellers will be wayfaring on roads that seem to be touching the horizon along the coast of the Pacific. From Lima, they will take the route towards Ica where the travellers will cross the majestic panoramic dessert. The audacious trip will take on an epic turn when the travellers reach the exotic scenes of Chala. The mountains of Chivay and the deepest canyon of the world Colca Canyon will take the travellers breath away. The envious travellers will also witness the sterling beauty and mysterious ancient Inca citadel of the iconic Machu Picchu. They will be in the honourable presence of the magnificent Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atacama desert one of the driest places in the world on the other. Peru is indeed a stunning journey that must be off the bucket list.


Every trip is personally designed and detailed to ensure all grounds of the trip are covered. All routes for the road-trips are heavily researched keeping in mind weather conditions, accommodations, route feasibilities and other necessary precautions. Embarq has fixed departure tours and bespoke tours with travellers having the flexibility to amend a tour based on their availability and budget. Embarq plans a fool-proof trip with all facilities such as vehicles, stay, and budget so that travellers have a satisfying trip without any hassle. It also operates on the convoy format where a lead car and end of trail sweep car will accompany the travellers.


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