Elon Musk’s dream came true after 52 months of trying


Elon Musk has finally bought the micro-blogging site Twitter. Musk had offered to buy Twitter earlier this month. Now this deal has been finalized for 44 billion dollars. But, he had made up his mind to buy Twitter in the year 2017 itself.
Musk has an old tweet about this. Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a tweet on 21 December 2017. In the tweet, he wrote ‘I love Twitter’. On Musk’s tweet, the American journalist said then why don’t they buy it there.

Replying to this tweet, Musk asked how much is this price? About 52 months after this tweet, now Musk has finally bought Twitter. For this he spent about 3368 billion rupees.

The conversation with Musk has now gone viral. The journalist then tweeted the screenshot of that conversation and wrote that this conversation is troubling him. Earlier, Musk had asked users whether they should launch their own social media platform.

In response to which most of the users said that they should buy Twitter itself. Musk previously held a stake of about 9 percent in Twitter. He then offered to buy the entire company. He described that deal as the best and final.

Musk has said, there he wants to make Twitter a better platform for free speech. He has also talked about making its source code available in public. Because of this, we can see many changes in it in the coming time. PLC&GT


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