Haryana Health and Family Welfare Minister, Anil Vij said that the State Government has prepared a new policy regarding Post Graduation (Degree/DNB/Diploma) courses for Haryana Civil Medical Service (HCMS)/Haryana Civil Dental Service (HCDS) in the Health Department. He said that Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal has approved the new draft policy.

Giving information about the key points of the draft of the new policy, Sh. Vij said that eight super-speciality courses have been added under this new policy. He said that in the proposed PG policy, now a total of three years regular period service including two years service in rural area with pay for course, two years regular service without pay and resignation on regular service less than two years.
Sh. Vij said that the specialities for both the HCMS & HCDS cadres have been  defined separately.

The specialties of Biochemistry & Microbiology and Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine have been included in HCMS cadre, keeping in view the experience learnt during COVID-19 pandemic and establishment of TCCC at Ambala Cantt. / vast expanding horizon of non-communicable diseases, respectively.

A separate clause for the courses not covered under PG Policy but approved by GOI (MOHFW/UGC/AICTE etc. i.e. other than the medical/dental bodies) has been incorporated for which the provisions of study leave of HCS (Leave Rules 2016, Chapter XI) has been evoked as there are some short duration fellowship programmes which are useful for improving the clinical skills, he added.

While apprising about the bond amount, the Health Minister said Rs One crore for PG degree with pay, Rs 65 lakh for PG diploma with pay and Rs 1.50 crore for super-speciality course with pay. He said that with the benefit of incentive/reservation with pay, an amount of Rs.1 crore for superspeciality, Rs.75 lakh for PG degree and Rs. 45 lakh for PG Diploma. Similarly, an amount of Rs.75 lakh for superspeciality, Rs.40 lakh for PG degree and Rs.25 lakh for PG diploma has been fixed without availing benefit of incentive/reservation.

He said that the salary and emoluments shall be claimed against the PG reserve seats at HQ. Also, the NBE examination has been added along with any entrance/NEET exam. Further, the upper age limit for admission into the course will be 45 years as on 31st March.

The Health Minister said that in the draft new policy, in case the doctor is already bonded with any other department, NOC under this policy would be granted to such doctor subject to the condition that both the bonds will run separately and candidates would complete all the terms of both/or multiple bonds. No doctor shall be issued an NOC for deputation to other department within/out of state before completion of bond conditions, in any circumstances.  

He said that the clause of clearance of probation period has been added. The penalty clause may not be by the Medical board of PGIMS Rohtak in case of failure of completing the course.


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