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Friday, June 25th, 2021

Effective and Efficient usage of Internet can be a game changer for UPSC aspirants

Prepare for UPSC – the digital way

New Delhi,

 The usability of information is core of UPSC Preparation. Easy accessibility and affordability of digital technologies can multiply the worries of even average aspirants to gather relevant information with heavy mass on a subject time in less time.

To give extended wings to the information, aspirants have to fit themselves in different situations as internet can serve to an unthinkable level. It gives insights into different dimensions of a particular topic and hence enriches outlook of the aspirants.

“Generally aspirants have more or less similar information at one or the other levels of preparation but only those succeeded who are good at the usability of information.  Internet has brought tectonic shifts in the basic tenets and philosophies of the conventional education system. The ‘interactive education’ is the fruit of internet and has helped teacher-pupil community connected with the fellow aspirants, teachers and like-minded people throughout the world.  Such bonafide feature of Internet can be used for of the benefit of UPSC aspirants.” Said Manoj k Jha, Faculty at GS SCORE

GS Score guidance can play a game changing role for the aspiring candidates to qualify IAS Exam. It is not necessary that this guidance be offered by conventional or online coaching platforms but anyone who has mastered the skills.  The only key is that aspirants should learn the effective and efficient usage of internet and not just googling.

“Civil service aspirants don’t need to be disconnected from the extended circles but they need a favourable friend circles or community which can offer valuable value additions.  The various online programmes like discussions, online lectures, e-books, storage mobile apps, test series offer aspirants wider online community in the market and analyse their can be benefitted in major ways.  They can get expose to competitors in the market and analyze their competence levels. Aspirants also enter the shared learning environment which is the beauty of interactive learning system. The biggest motivation and learning comes from the fellow aspirants and communities which we have managed to develop over the years. “added Mr Jha

The dynamism of the Civil services examination can be seen from the fact that UPSC is constantly bringing reforms in the examination process to suit the changes brought in by the technological intervention and to produce the civil servants that are attune to such challenges. Under this backdrop, Internet can be a game changer machine for aspirants. The machine is in the hands of the aspirants. But what they require is to know how to use it rather use it effectively to accomplish the objective in view. GS Score is best in this area amidst other and we don’t charge for this. It is free!



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