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               RIGHT TO EDUCATION has been a part of Directive Principles of the state policy under Article 45 of the constitution, which is a part of Chapter 4 of the constitution and rights in chapter 4 are not enforceable. For the very first time in the history of India, this right has been made enforceable by putting it in chapter 3 of the constitution as Article 21- The Right to life. But somehow still today there is a notion that, a girl must learn from within her family and education is not necessary for her. Still today many girls are deprived of this natural right and are the victims of Inequality.

“ I, Sharmila Mishra too belong to the same category where a girl with higher education is of no use. But I want to break this practice and I have already taken my first step towards it. I wish I could encourage all the girls to convince their parents and study as much as possible. I have suffered since my childhood. But why always me Maa? Was it my fault that I was good in studies since childhood. Was it my fault that I stood first in my class through out my school education and became the topper of the university and won the gold medal in my graduation.

I have never misbehaved and was always obidient. I worked at home inspite of having examinations the next day. I have always helped you in the kitchen but you have always praised bhaiya.I just wanted a little warmth and appreciation from you but y never felt once.

I will not let the society decide my fate as they have decided didi’s. You all were equally responsible for her destruction. She simply wanted to study medicals but she was forced to get married. A marriage that has led her to leave us forever. I was too small then to understand.But today I can understand what didi has gone through. I will not let the history repeat again. I will not let the society decide my fate. I want to have a bright future ahead.
I still remember the day when I went against the whole family and came out with a hope to fulfil my dreams. A dream to study further. I was lucky to have papa beside me. I was hungry and thirsty but no one stopped me even once and asked me to eat. Instead Maa, you were serving bhaiya with heart full of love. Don’t I deserve it? I too am your own daughter. Is it my fault that God made me a girl? Today I do not have any fond memory of my childhood and family which I can share with my friends and maa, I feel awkward when my friends at hostel share their stories. I too have a story, but a story of pain, a story of being totally abandoned. I have got good friends here and they really love me. They care as a mother, share as a sister, tease as a brother and protect as a father. I suddenly found myself with people who love me as I am. Inspite of everything I miss you maa. I miss your love, touch and warmth maa..
I don’t know why the family has decided my fate as they have decided didi’s. Why marriage has been fixed without even asking me once. Don’t I have the right to decide my tomorrow. I don’t know why suddenly bhaiya became so possessive that he started mistrusting me. Why can’t you all trust me? I promise I will marry the same person that you all chose for me but please let me complete my masters degree. I promise I will again achieve gold medal and make you feel proud of me. I beg of you, please don’t kill my dreams and let me study.”

This is of great concern for all of us when we speak of equality, yet today we discriminate among a son and a daughter. India has so many female examplanary personalities who has made India proud. We all should learn from this and send all the girls to schools,colleges and universities because as said by ITC “ jab padhega India tabhi toh Badhega India”. There are many girls like Sharmila who are deprieved and each one of them must become brave to take their own decisions and claim their natural rights- The right to education, and the society should support them.

This is based on facts but the characters and names are fictious. This is the real condition of our country. Please fight for the right to education. Let our hand save the dreams of many girls like sharmila. I have shared the emotions of sharmila very closely and could feel what she goes through. I sincerely hope that after reading this atleast a few people come forward and help the sharmilas of today.


*Trisha Chakravorty

Student of mass communication and journalism,
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University
(A central University)

*Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC



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