Education, communication and management need to be redesigned After Covid (AC) Era : Dr. DP Sharma 


GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research organized a Global Talk Series on Saturday, May 08, 2021 on “A New Paradigm of Education, Communication and Management after Covid”. 

The Global Talk Series started with Saraswati Vandana.

New Delhi,

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director welcomed the guest speaker. He conveyed that the Covid epidemic has changed all traditional thinking of communication, education and management. There is a need to come up with new policies and technology frameworks to adopt and implement them after Covid Era.

Prof. (Dr.) DP Sharma, an Expat International Consultant /Advisor- IT, ILO (UN) and National Brand Ambassador, Swachh Bharat Mission, was the speaker of the Global Talk Series. Prof. Sharma said that in these challenging times of the epidemic, the systems are being destroyed or losing their functional importances. He emphasized on learning from the holy book Gita and also shared that 18 universities in America, Gita teachings are taught and discussed. He shared that it is a time to learn from the past and adapt its learning to the present difficult times. He highlighted the importance of technology and communication in the present era. He explained how to manage the life with the principles of Project Management. The most important innovation in the last decade is communication as mobile. It also works as a collaborative device that now works for multipurpose devices. Dr Sharma said, we are in the irreversible age where we need to map our future strategies by 360 degree visuals.

The purpose of the session was to make students aware of the impact of Covid 19 on the world of education, communication and management and recent changes in policies due to the epidemic. In addition, the Global Talk series also focused on the needs of re-orientation to support life after Covid19 in the short term and long term. Students asked questions from Professor Sharma for technology adoption and its impact on jobs. The global talk series ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Suchita Singh, Program Chairperson. Dr Arvind Bhatt, Professor of Technology Management presented the programme outlines and welcomed the guest speaker.


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