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A team of Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Paediatricians, Nutrition Experts & Psychologists deliver informative talks for mothers about adolescent needs

Panchkula, Sept 25 2016: If you have a teenage girl at home, you would know the challenges of dealing with her special needs including health, menstrual hygiene, psychological and image related issues as she learns to tackle the physical and emotional changes brought about by puberty.

At Paras Bliss Hospital, we believe that it is important for mothers to be armed with the right information, awareness and psychological understanding of the difficult transformative years to be able to guide and support their daughters in the best way.

As we celebrate Daughter’s Day, Paras Bliss Hospital today organized a special event aimed at empowering mothers with information and education to help their young daughters make an informed and confident transition to adulthood.

The special activity brought together a comprehensive expert team of Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Paediatricians, Nutrition Experts Psychologists and Dental Experts to deliver a series of informative talks for mothers and address all relevant questions about adolescent years.

Teenage years are one of the difficult periods of a person’s life, especially for girls whose bodies undergo major transition during this time. The beginning of menstrual cycle indicates the girl attaining puberty and maturing of her reproductive system. Although a natural phenomena, it brings lot of discomfort and inconvenience, especially in the initial years when young girls find it tough to cope with the changing needs of their bodies. In this difficult phase, mothers are usually the best friends of their daughters and closely help them navigate through the inconvenient transition with confidence. They are the key guides and companions who help their girls cope up with the change in body, hormones and subsequent moods and feelings.

“The onset of puberty is a confounding period for young girls. The changes in their bodies and the hormonal shifts not just require improved hygiene but also bring about complex emotional upheavals including image and personality issues. As they become conscious of their bodies, they also need to be educated about identifying the ‘bad touch’ and the need to protect themselves from potential threats. All these questions can best be addressed by mothers. It is therefore important that the mothers have the right education to be able to counsel their children well,” said Dr. Monica Agarwal, Consultant Gynae & Obstetrics

The experts discussed about the hormonal changes that mark menstruation and shared important tips for health and hygiene during the time. They also spoke about the need to shed the taboo and awkwardness associated with periods and the need to encourage girls to discuss their problems openly.

“The taboo and embarrassment associated with puberty-related issues needs to be done away with. Out of embarrassment and a sense of shame, many girls do not openly discuss their adolescent issues with anyone and are even hesitant in taking medical help in case they are experiencing health problems. Mothers should be the first to encourage their daughters to discuss their issues openly with them,” said Dr. Rishi Mangat, Unit Head, Paras Bliss Hospital

The experts who spoke during the event included Dr. Heena Chawla, Consultant Gynaec-Oncologist & Endoscopic Surgeon; Dr. Monica, Consultant Gynae & Obstetrics; Dr. Sristhi, Consultant- Dermatologist;  Dr. Krishan Yadav, HOD Neonatology; Dt. Gunjan Pannu, HOD Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition; Dr. Nirja Chawla, Director, Obstetrics Gynaecology & Endoscopic Surgery & Dr. Ruby, Consultant Psychologist.

The subjects covered during the events included Gynecological issues such as irregular periods,  cramps, excessive bleeding, menstrual cycles and sanitation choices, PCOD, among others. The experts also discussed weight management, obesity and health risks that present day adolescents face. A dermatologist also spoke about managing acne, breakouts, skin health as well as body hair. The Psychologist discussed the pertinent issues of educating girls about differentiating the Good Touch from the Bad Touch.


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