ED and CBI remain tools of the central government to suppress the opposition


Chief spokesperson KC Tyagi said that opposition unity is not possible without Congress. He clarified that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not the prime ministerial candidate in 2024. He is only the manager and is working to bring all the opposition parties on one platform, as he is in favor of total opposition unity. He said that the victory of Congress in the Himachal Assembly elections has a lot of significance at the national level and its message is going to go to the whole country.

KC Tyagi told reporters that ever since Nitish Kumar left the NDA, the opposition leaders are uniting. He said that he is in favor of opposition unity and Nitish Kumar believes that there can be no alternative without the Congress. He said that today it is necessary for the country to defeat the BJP. He said that the victory of Congress in Himachal would serve as the foundation stone for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. He said that Congress’s victory in Himachal is also necessary for the unity of the opposition. Congress victory in this hill state will open the door for Lok Sabha elections from 2024. He said that Himachal may be a small state, but it is going to have a great impact on the national politics.

Tyagi said that farmers in Himachal do not get MSP on any product, although it is necessary. He said that if Congress comes to power in Himachal, MSP will be given for all fruits and vegetables. He said that Congress has promised this to the people of Himachal and a decision will be taken in this regard within a month. He said that Congress is going to solve all the problems of apple growers too.

Tyagi said that the unity of the opposition is necessary for the kind of atmosphere created in the country today. Today there is a lot of pressure from autonomous institutions and the ED and CBI remain the tools of the central government to suppress the opposition. He said that constitutional values ​​are being devalued in the country and inflation has made life difficult for the common people. Also youth are troubled by unemployment.


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