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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Ecosystem technology to reduce energy consumption

INVC,, Mumbai,, Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics has been tapped to provide lighting control systems in the United States Capitol. Lutron’s Ecosystem technology will be installed in the offices of the U.S. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, U.S. Senate & Environmental & Public Works Committee and also in the offices of individual senators who comprise the committees. Lutron’s Ecosystem is a lighting control solution which includes daylight sensing, occupant sensing, dimming and personal control. The system senses changes in lighting needs based on the amount of natural light entering the building throughout the day to improve productivity and to reduce energy costs. The installation of Ecosystem is expected to provide total lighting energy savings up to 60 percent.  “Lutron’s focus has always been to help customers save energy and create a pleasant environment to work in,” said Manjul Trehan, Director-Sales (Indian Subcontinent). According to him cost savings come from better lighting control and EcoSystem lighting control solution is the best for the commercials and helps occupant to use only the exact amount of electric light whenever required.  With more than 50years of experience in energy-saving innovation, Lutron’s light control technologies improve the lighting environment to enhance comfort and productivity in both commercial as well as residential projects. The decision to install Ecosystem for the offices in United States Capitol is a part of a “Green the Capitol” initiative.



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