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The sum total of your qualities, quirks, characteristics, beliefs, attitudes and psychological traits comprises your personality. Thus, personality development would involve an enhancement in all the areas of your life. A host of factors like heredity, environment, family and societal conditions play a role in influencing and shaping one’s personality. Therefore, one would have to work on all these areas to bring about a well-rounded development.


The whole process may take considerable effort, but you can start with these easy and effective techniques described below and observe a perceptible transformation in your whole personality. For those serious about bringing a positive holistic change in their life, personality development may turn out to be the most rewarding enterprise one can ever undertake.

Practice Optimism and Gratitude: Positivity is the key ingredient for a healthy and peaceful life. Expunging the negativity from your mind and life will improve your mental stability. Studies have shown positive thoughts to reduce depression and anxiety to a substantial level.

So, remember to practice gratitude and be thankful for all the small things and big things that you take for granted. You may not have the best shoes, but be grateful for your incredible feet that can take you anywhere anytime. There are many who lack even this basic luxury.


Be Confident: Inculcating confidence is one of the first steps towards personality enhancement. Confidence gives rise to self-motivation and makes one aware of their inner capabilities. Science shows that when people feel confidence, the chemical changes in their brain lead to a point when they actually start believing in it. So, have confidence and know, whatever happens, you can handle it.

Communicate Better: Good communication is the time-tested key to good interpersonal relationships. Clear communication can get one through adverse situations and resolve conflicts that might seem unsurpassable at first. So, clear your thoughts and make sure to communicate whatever needs to be said.  

Never Quit in Life: When people tend to lose hope and wisdom, they feel like quitting. To quit is one of the worst things a person can do while building their confidence or improving the quality of their life.

Remember, you owe it to yourself to take a second chance and accomplish that dream that keeps you up at night. And when you feel like quitting, as a wise man once said, “think about why you started”.

Don’t compare yourself to others: Every person has his own story. No two fingers are identical and the same applies to people. However, people have a tendency to focus on what others have achieved instead of seeing how far they have reached.


To achieve success, assess ‘your’ abilities, analyze ‘your’ situation and develop a plan that works for “your” goals.

Never run after Perfection: Nobody in this world is born perfect. Every person has flaws within them. When faced with criticism, accept it when it’s positive and let it go when it’s not. Develop a habit of looking at your flaws objectively and work on them to eliminate them one step at a time.

Stay Focused: Developing focus helps people channelize their energy to the most critical aspects of their life. Decide your priorities and focus just on them. Know what matters most to you and avoid distractions that derail you from your goals.

Dress Confidently: Dressing is an art. Everyone has flaws and feels incompetent from time to time. But dressing in what one feels comfortable and confident in can help them to tide over tough situations.  



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