E-Max Education CollegeSukhjeevan Sharma,
E-Max Education College celebrated the festival of Colors with full enthusiasm and enjoyment in the College Campus.  The programme started with a song “Rang Barse Bhege Chunar Wali Rang Barse” by the students. A group of students performed plays that was enjoyed by all who were present there. Students wished each other a happy Holi, which marks the arrival of the spring. Students said that holidays have started and they would not be able to meet their college friends on Holi, so it is better that they play it before going home.Audience members responded enthusiastically to each performance, clapping and cheering loudly and chanting the names of friends and favorites as they took the stage.  According to Rajiv Bansal, Finance Secretary & Pradeep Aggarwal, Managing Director of E-Max Group of Insitutions Holi performance was intended to share the “customs, costumes and culture” of Students with each other. Chairman of the College P.R. Bansal advised all students to save water on Holi by playing Dry Holi. He said it is custom to ask for blessings from elders and give blessings to children when spreading the colored powder. Students take pledge not to wastewater on Holi.


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