Winter clothes are taken out in Delhi in November. A unique record was set in Delhi on Monday and that was the hottest day of November in the last 13 years. Everyone is surprised that what all of a sudden happened that in the month of November in Delhi, known for winter, the day temperature reached 33 degree Celsius. According to the scientists of the Meteorological Department, in the month of November, westerly winds blow in Delhi and surrounding areas. They bring cold air from the Himalayas and sometimes even beyond it to European countries.

The wind direction has changed in Delhi for the last three days. RK Jenamani, Senior Scientist of the Meteorological Department said that the reason for the current record maximum temperature is easterly winds. Due to the easterly winds, the weather in Delhi remains hot.

These days, a Western Disturbance ie Western Disturbance is persisting in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, due to which there is snowfall in the upper areas. Due to its effect, the movement of clouds will continue in Delhi for the next two days and it is possible that there will be light rain at some places.

The record of high temperature is also good for Delhi in some ways. Last week, Delhi’s air quality had reached the severe and severe plus category. But when the temperature rises, the air also expands and due to this the mixing height of the polluting factors also increases and the level of pollution is visible. PLC/GT


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