Dr. Vivek Bindra Getting Life Threatening Calls On His Video – Gears-up to file FIR against miscreants



New Delhi,

Dr. Vivek Bindra- International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant & Business Coach who dared to create a video “Reality of Medical System in India”- The Case Study on his YouTube channel on malpractices by some hospitals and medical practitioners, since then he has been receiving life threatening and defaming calls from the members of Indian Medical Association , besides they have sent a legal notice alleging defamation and damages of Rs.50 cr. However, we are responding to their legal notice and also lodging FIR against the miscreants who may be behind the bars very soon.

The plight of Dr. Vivek Bindra doesn’t end here as the Indian Medical Association, the same members are using social media tools to malign the image of Dr. Vivek Bindra and are actually defaming his reputation in public for just uploading an educational video showcasing the dark and bright side of medical profession. However, in a democracy where freedom of speech is always celebrated, it is very dis-heartening that we are getting life threatening calls for merely stating the facts which have been shared previously by many on various platforms like TV Shows, Newspapers, Movies, Blogs, social media etc. Dr. Bindra has not said anything new, all that he has spoken in his video is already a popular talk of the town and a national sentiment.

It is surprising that the Indian Medical Association falsely alleging that Dr. Bindra has circulated such video on his YouTube channel just to gain popularity in the general public, in fact Dr. Bindra already has the subscribership of about 2 million people and a viewership of more than 9 crores on the YouTube channel, which is the biggest subscriber base for any Entrepreneurship & Corporate Leadership channel. So the question of gaining any false popularity as alleged by the IMA is baseless. In fact, IMA is diverting our main agenda to make the healthcare affordable in the country. The insight was only to bring to notice in society that doctors and medical practitioners could make money by adopting ethical practices which can be done by scaling up their profession like Dr. Devi Prashad Shetty, a Padamshree and Padam Vibhushan awardee, Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy, owner of Arvind Eye Care Hospital, and Tata Memorial Hospital.

This video is nothing but a common man’s reality spelt out which attained more than 1 million views as the same was circulated by common man on social media platforms and messaging tools to share information with their friends, family members, colleagues etc, thus making it VIRAL. As a video can’t be made viral by an individual unless the content hits the right chord with people in general, hence its popularity mirrors the national opinion around the significant issue of healthcare. According to the Indian medical laws, these malpractices carried out by some of the doctors and medical practitioners as shown in video are illegal & unethical.

According to Dr. Bindra, “This video is actually not against doctors and medical practitioners but against the malpractices prevalent in the current medical system. It is an educational video which emphasizes on doing profession ethically by scaling up their profession by applying economies of scale ”

“The whole reason to create this video was inspired by the recent mis-happenings in reputed private hospitals that were covered by media by large. Instead of owning up the wrongs and rectifying the flaws in the current medical system, IMA have been trying to divert the attention of public by sending defamation notice.’ added Dr. Bindra.


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