Dr. Tanbir Dhingra recently launched his maiden book called “The Road To Infinity”


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New Delhi,

After achieving success in his professional career and to pursue his passion of writing Dr. Tanbir Dhingra recently launched his maiden book called “The Road To Infinity” on 21st January, 2017 at Oxford Book Store in CP. The book is a self- explanatory odyssey to infinity and teaches us to build a life of passion, value time, stay fit, nourish relationships and cultivate innovation of colors and creativity.

Famous film and television actor Karan Kundra was also there at the occasion to grace the evening.

In words of Dr. Tanbir Dhingra, “My book “The Road To Infinity” is very special to me. It helped me transform my life for the better as it will for you. The book will help all my readers to gain wisdom towards what life is. It has its entire focus on self exploration of ones journey through life and baked quotes conscious. ”

In words of Actor Karan Kundra, ““ I am very excited to be at my very first book launch. I have received many invites but none got me as exicted as this one. The book being written by a youngster motivates us to encourage young talent. It is not just my pleasure but also my responsibility to help encourage such young talent. I want Mr. Tanbir Dhingra to set a benchmark for other people inorder to thrive towards creativity”.”

About the Book – “The Road To Infinity”

Does chasing your dreams come with terms and conditions applied?

A Self-Exploratory Odyssey to ‘Infinity’ and ‘Beyond’ with Infinite Thoughts encapsulating Infinite Emotions in Infinite Moments giving Infinite Chances to explore ‘Who You Are’ in the quest for ‘What Is life’.
A magically crafted peregrination of quotations reveals a deep longing for greater sense of meaning, happiness and contentment. It helps to create enchanting thoughts that incorporate the classic tools of transformation into simple philosophy of living. This is not just another book that should find its way to self-help shelf; rather it’s a coach to motivate you and a best friend to inspire you forever. The book teaches us wisdom to:
l Build a Life of Passion, Purpose and Peace
l Value Time as our most important commodity
l Stay Fit by creating healthy habits not restrictions
l Nourish our Relationships and value things we Love
l Cultivate innovation of Colors and creativity from Nature
Come… Experience Love, Emotions, Solitude, Despair, Failures, Regrets, to Heartbreaks, Revelations, Chances, Motivation, Prosperity, and Success.

About the Author:

When he did his first stage singing performance at the age of 6, Tanbir Dhingra could not imagine that this song ‘Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega’ meaning their son will make them proud one day; would take him from his family in Punjab to Uttar Pradesh, on the other side of Indian globe.

Today, he is a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery. He was born in 1993 to a Sikh Family on the festive land of martyrs and freedom fighters, Punjab.

By the age of 12 from his experience in first love, Tanbir discovered his true vocation in literature: to be a writer. He’s a poet who draws, an actor who sings, a dancer who designs; a full time blogger, innovative like his fashion blog, social networking addict, works to travel around. His writing record testifies to certain dexterity in languages like English, Hindi, and Punjabi. Above all he loves his coffee.

Despite all the voices telling me that wisdom to write comes with certain age and I should be atleast 50 years to be a writer. I’m just 23 years.

I have launched a basic concept of minimum words and maximum meaning. I write in hindi, punjabi and hindi cum urdu shayari and poetry written and displayed on my various social media.

About Publishers:

Ocean Books Pvt. Ltd.
What started as a venture for excellence in the Indian publishing scenario, has kept pace with fast-changing times and technologies in a bid to serve our readers even better and meet their requirements. The signature Ocean Books imprint was founded to broaden our publishing activities in English. Since then, we have focused on bringing out more quality works on health, yoga, personality development, defence, security and other relevant areas of national interest and our English titles are widely acclaimed across the country.


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