Samir Anjaan Dr Sunita Dube and Shamir Tondon at the launch of Doctors AnthemINVC.

Anthem” is commonly used to describe a celebratory song or composition for a distinct group, as in the term “National Anthem”. Many pop songs are anthems which are commonly used as a sports anthem. For every special thing we have Anthem to celebrate their importance and presence but what about the live saver Doctors who helps people be healthy.  Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibility. A doctor’s patients rely on their physician for the best medical help possible. Doctors are most important part of our life and dedicate a life as a Doctor is an honor. This year on Doctors’ Day MedscapeIndia is to honor the legendary Doctors on this respected day. MedscapeIndia, a leading platform of medical community and the music fraternity have come together to celebrate, together to launch ‘Doctors Anthem’ – the world’s first song for doctors. Once again Dr. Sunita Dube reminds us about our most important relationships – other than family and friends – our doctor. MedscapeIndia Aryan Medical And Educational Trust launched the world’s first song for doctors, called as “Doctors Anthem’ with ‘Doctors Anthem’ MedScapeIndia wants to commemorate and express gratitude, love and care towards the patient & Doctors International Doctor’s Day annually recognizes the contribution of doctors around the globe for their role in healing, patient safety, medical research and respect for human life and individual dignity.

The Founder-Chairperson of MedScapeIndia, Dr. Sunita Dube radiologist said, “This song I take as Champaign awareness about doctor commitment & dedication, hard work they are doing to bring smile of good health in our patient. The anthem exhibits the efforts and challenges that the doctors face and the concern and commitment they have towards their patients. I m glad being doctor I could come with this initiative. This song will bring a spirit of unity.  Medscapeindia is unit of aryan medical & educational trust which working on health & women empowerment. We are also working on save the girl child and Female Feticide by motivating Doctors to educate patient at root level itself.”


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