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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Dr. Inderjeet kaur came in defense of Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu

INVC, Chandigarh,   Chandigarh press club, Sehajdhari Sikh Party President’s wife Dr. Inderjeet kaur ,  Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu ,Manwinder Kaur INVC,
Today holding a press conference at Chandigarh press club Sehajdhari Sikh Party President’s wife Dr. Inderjeet kaur came in defense of her husband Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu and condemned all the allegations made by the in-laws of Manwinder Kaur against her husband. She said that brutal attack on her husband is condemnable in every respect and sense of the world. During the meeting at Press club the day before the brutal attack by Deepak Kajla husband of Manwinder kaur and the alleged charges by the Kajla family are totally false and made out, she said. Dr.Mrs.Ranu further said that since long her husband was family doctor of Kajla family. During this time her husband tried to sort out their family feuds like domestic violence against their daughter in law Mrs. Manwinder Kaur, as sympathizer which she knew very well. She was treated under depression and mental tensions due to being pressurized and traumatized by the family.  Dr.Mrs. Ranu also condemned and rejected all those alleged allegations claimed by Kajla family on her husband out rightly, that Mrs. Manwinder Kaur is living with her husband. She further clarified that she is living a happy and contended life with her husband and they practice the medical treatment of serious cases in consultation with each other being successful doctors. Their clinic is totally transparent and well equipped and one medical lady assistant is always  available to assist in case of lady patients.  Along with Dr. Mrs. Ranu the victim Mrs. Manvinder Kaur was also present who repeated that she had become the victim of domestic violence of Kajla family and repeated those alleged allegations leveled by Kajla family on her. She emphasized that Dr. Ranu had been like an elder brother to her and tried his level best to sort out the domestic violence problems with all sincerity. She further said that a case of divorce is already filed against her in laws in Hon’ble Chandigarh Court and she is being pressurized to with draw the case, that is why her in laws are resorting to such unlawful activities.  Dr Inderjit Kaur said that the document shown by Kajla family were fake as the person concerned must sign in the register of stamp vendor at the time of receiving the stamp paper which Kajla family could not show or prove. Manwinder Kaur said that all the allegations by her in laws were repeated in case in the court which have been properly replied by her through her advocate on 17th May. The matter is subjudice and next hearing is due on 11 july. Dr.Mrs. Ranu said that her husband is under treatment and has to undergo surgery. Chandigarh Police has taken no action against those culprits who beat up the lady and sympathetic persons in front of media persons. State President of Punjab Homeopathic Medical association and General Secretary of International Human Rights Council Dr.Ajay Sharma who said that Dr. Ranu is innocent and condemned the attack on him in presence of media persons, the other day. Also were present the National General Secretary of Sehajdhari Sikh party Sh. Jasbir Singh, justice Gurnam singh Sevak Retired Session judge, National youth wing President Jagtar singh Hissowal, vice president of youth wing and advocate Didar singh.



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