Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been chosen the “ Bharat ka Paryavaran Ambassador”



Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been chosen the “ Bharat ka Paryavaran Ambassador” in a campaign conducted in 2 00, 000 schools in India. This poll was part of the CO2 Pick Right- Kaun Banega Bharat ka Paryavaran Ambassador Programme conducted by the Centre for environment Education in partnership with Arcelor Mittal, for the Ministry of Environment and Forest Government of India.In this nation-wide campaign conducted over period of 18 months in over 70,000 schools have sent in their votes. Children voted their teachers, environmentalists, and celebrities. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam emerged as the most popular children’s choice.

This is perhaps the first unique election ever conducted in India where children were asked to choose an ambassador who would be spokesperson on sustainable choices that we all need to make. It is also interesting to note how children voted for a leader after coming to a consensus on the choice their schools.

The Pick Right campaign was originally conceptualized to be conducted in 100,000 schools which were already a part of the MoEF’s National Green Crops Programme. This was later extended to reach to 200, 000 schools. The campaign was launched on World Environment (WED) last year by President of India, Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil. The Campaign was conducted in 15 languages.

The Ministry also observed World Wetland Day, World Forestry Day, World Water Resources Day, World Heritage Day, Earth Day, International Day to Biological Diversity, World Environment Day, World day to Combat Desertification, Van Mahotsav Week, International Ozone Day, Wildlife Week, World conservation Day etc.


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