Donald Trump will take strict action against Joe Biden after becoming President

Donald Trump
Photo: Social Media

New York : If Donald Trump is elected President, he can dismiss the federal charges against him, but the allegations made by the states, especially in New York, may cause him to face legal process. Civil cases such as tax fraud, defamation and rape are being heard against Donald Trump in the New York Appellate Court. Joe Biden is also accused in matters related to confidential documents, but no action has been taken against him yet. In such a situation, it is believed that Trump, after being elected President, can speed up the cases against Joe Biden.

Even though Donald Trump is planning to take action against Biden after being elected President, it will not be so easy for him to reach the White House. Actually, Joe Biden is giving a tough competition to Trump. Biden has received $90 million more for his election campaign than Trump. In this way, the difference in donations for the election campaign between the two leaders is increasing. Joe Biden and his party received donations of $190 million till March. In the same period, Donald Trump and the Republican Party have received donations of only $93 million.

Quoting American media, it is being said that if Donald Trump is elected President in the upcoming elections, it may increase Joe Biden’s problems. In fact, Donald Trump can focus on the ongoing federal investigation against Joe Biden and his family. A person close to Donald Trump’s campaign team said that whatever the Biden government is doing, Trump can also do the same.

Another close to Donald Trump said that the way federal agencies are investigating against Donald Trump, it has set an example that Biden may also have to face a similar situation. He says that whatever Biden has done, he will get the same. Donald Trump is currently facing 44 counts of federal crime. Of these, 40 cases relate to confidential documents and four cases relate to alleged rigging in the 2020 elections. However, despite all the allegations, Donald Trump is a strong contender for the post of President in the upcoming elections and he is expected to have a close contest with Joe Biden.


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