Donald Trump started religious polarization in America to win the election

Donald Trump
Photo: Social Media

New York  : Former President Donald Trump has started playing the religion card in this election. Speech related to religion is being read in every rally. Religious music is being played in their meetings. With his passionate speech, Trump makes people pledge to protect Christianity. He is also taking pastors and religious preachers along with him to every program. Trump to all the people who are present there. Appeal to them to remain silent with their heads bowed. Trump is also taking a promise from his supporters to remain loyal.

The source of inspiration for presidential candidate Donald Trump is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi has achieved historic victory twice by religiously polarizing Hindutva in India. In the last election, he had invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to America. This time slogans of Trump government were also raised.

At that time, Trump was not running religious polarization as a campaign. He fought the last election with the slogan of Make America Great Again. Now he has presented himself in a new form in his election campaign with a pledge to openly defend Christianity. Former US President Trump has started considering Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his guru and  Due to which America’s presidential election has come under discussion.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump had not previously expressed interest in church services. But now he has posted his video for selling Bible for Rs 5000. Trump is running the campaign on a large scale to get the support of Christian preachers.

He wants to win the presidential election entirely on the basis of religious polarization, the presidential election is going to be held in America in the month of November. The contest between current President Joe Wyden and former President Donald Trump is considered fixed. Joe Wyden is currently ahead in fundraising in America.


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