Former US President Donald Trump is seen practicing a slogan prepared in Hindi on Indo-US friendship to woo the influential Indian-American community ahead of the mid-term elections in November.

In a video released by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), Trump is seen practicing the slogan ‘India and America are best friends’. In the 30-second video, Trump is seen sitting with Chicago-based businessman and RSC member Shalabh Kumar. The new slogan is inspired by Trump’s 2016 ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkar’ slogan.

The slogan caught the attention of Indian Americans and was instrumental buy pregabalin in winning the Republican Party to victory in several major provinces. Kumar, who was instrumental in coining the slogans ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkar’ and ‘India and America are best friends’, had said that he and the RHC used the former president’s new slogan in the Indian media to garner Indian-American support. planned to promote.

Political observers and the latest polls indicate that the Republican Party may once again get a majority in the House of Representatives in the midterm election. “The main objective is to garner huge support for the five (Republican) candidates in the Senate, where the vote margin will be less than 50,000 and in some seats it may be close to 10,000 or even five thousand votes,” Kumar said. PLC/GT


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