Former US President Donald Trump has praised former physician Ronnie Jackson for taking care of his health during his tenure. He said that Donald Trump said about Ronnie Jackson, former White House doctor, that Ronnie loved seeing his healthy body.

Trump said this at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas. Trump said, Ronnie Jackson was a White House doctor. He was a great doctor. He was an Admiral and now he is a Congressman. During this, Dr. Ronnie Jackson was present in the audience Digha. Trump told an anecdote, ‘I told Ronnie, ‘Who is the best of your choice, so he told me because

He loved looking at my body. My body was very strong.

According to a report, former US President Donald Trump also claimed that Jackson had told him that he was the ‘healthiest president ever.’ Trump said that Jackson had said in 2018 that Trump was completely healthy for his age, but he advised him to lose 10 to 15 pounds. Let us tell you that recently the former President had once again indicated to present his candidature in the 2024 elections. He said, ‘We might have to do it again.’

Trump made this statement amid applause at a meeting organized by a group of former White House officials and cabinet members. It is believed that the purpose of the meeting was to prepare an agenda for Trump’s re-election.

Former President Trump arrived in Washington for the first time since Joe Biden took office on January 20, 2021 and said goodbye to his own White House. Trump spoke hours after former Vice President Mike Pence’s speech. Pence is seen as a potential rival for Trump in the 2024 election. PLC/GT


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