Does The Government-Run Lotteries In India?


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In India, it is against the law to gamble in any way. On the other hand, the Central Government gives all state governments the power to make rules about lotteries (under the Lotteries Regulation Act 1998).

So how do people in India play well-known lotteries from other places? Well, any Indian state government can hold a lottery. But they have to meet specific requirements. As a player living in India, you’ll find helpful information about whether or not lotteries are legal there and which games are the best to play.

The Law In India About Lotteries

In 13 states in India, lottery draws are legal, but they have to follow specific rules and regulations. Only the state government can set up these drawings, which can’t happen anywhere else in this state. The government of an Indian state sells tickets, and each must have the state’s logo printed on it.

Also, the lottery must be run by a seller or agent authorized to do so. Prizes can’t be single digits, and there won’t be any prizes for numbers that have already been saying. The state government will run the drawing, and any prizes that aren’t claimed will belong to the state government.

Lotteries must have rules that both the lottery and the people who play must follow. The central government does not run lotteries. But they can step in if the governments of other states decide to promote or set up lotteries in other states.

Which Lottery Run By The Indian Government Is The Best ?

Which state you live in will determine which government lottery is the best. Some people like to win more with government lotteries. There are three draws a day, and the jackpots range from 25 to 31 lakh. Others like the Punjab state lottery because it has bigger banks.

Thirteen Indian States Have Legal Government Lotteries

As we’ve already said, 13 of India’s states organize, run, and promote lotteries. In these states, it is legal for lotteries to happen and for people to play online and through vendors.

It’s important to know that people who live in a particular state can only play the lottery there. For example, you can’t play the lottery in Sikkim if you live in Assam. Unless it says otherwise, lotteries across state lines are usually illegal. It demonstrates that if you live in a state that doesn’t allow lotteries, you won’t be able to play the lottery in states that do.

On the other hand, Indian players who don’t want to play their state lotteries or who live in states where lotteries are illegal can play internationally through sites.

With the Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998, the Indian Supreme Court decided that each state has the right to determine whether or not a lottery is legal on its land. At the moment, you can play the lotto legally in 13 of India’s 29 states. 

These states are listed below:

  • Kerala: Since 1967, the lottery has been legal, and their games are some of the most popular.
  • Punjab’s rate state sells lottery tickets online, but only for unique “bumper” draws.
  • Sikkim: This state has daily sessions and works closely with other states’ lotteries.
  • Arunachal Pradesh: Every day, there are two drawings for the lotto. They are called “precious stones” and “horoscope signs.”
  • Assam: You can also play the Bodoland Lotto, a lottery twice daily.
  • Goa: At least three sessions happen daily in Goa, and you can look up the results online.
  • Even though lotto games are legal in Madhya Pradesh, there is much room to change the rules.
  • Since 1969, it has been legal in Maharashtra to play the lottery.
  • Manipur: This state just started letting people play these games again.
  • Meghalaya: Every day, the government holds a drawing, and you can buy tickets at stores in the area.
  • Mizoram – Since 2010, you can play lottery games in this state.
  • Aside from the lottery, they also think that poker is legal.
  • West Bengal State: You can use a smartphone to buy tickets.

How To Win the Indian Government Lottery?

If you want to play this lotto, you must be in a state where buying lottery tickets is legal. Also, the tickets sold should be for the lottery in that state (Sambad and Sikkim might be exceptions in some states).

The most crucial thing to remember is that you can mostly only buy India Lotto tickets offline. That means you must go to a nearby lottery seller, like a grocery store or another place. Some lotteries have apps or websites where you can buy tickets, but you can only do that in that state. In other words, you can’t play the Indian lottery if you are not in India. Most lotto games don’t even let people from other Indian states play, let alone people who live in other countries.

Why Are Fake Tickets A Problem?

There are a lot of fake tickets in Indian lotteries, which is a big problem. That’s because the idea isn’t good, and the government doesn’t have official sellers in different cities and other places. Instead, anyone can sign up to sell their goods. All you have to do is buy a certain number of tickets, which you can sell to make money.

The problem is that there aren’t any official vendors, so there is a big chance of getting ripped off. With the right technology, it’s not hard to make copies of tickets and sell them to different people.

Online Lotteries VS. Government Lotteries

In the last sentence, we discussed the biggest problem with buying a government lottery ticket in India. You might unknowingly buy a fake passport, the same as throwing your money down the drain. Especially there is a significant future of online betting in India. 

Another big problem is that you can only play the lotto in states where it is legal and only the games offered there. That limits how many lotteries you can play, so it’s clear that online lotto sites are a much better choice.

Indian government lottery


Price-friendly ticket prices

More prizes in the bumper draw

Daily draws available


Only in states that have made the lottery legal.

There’s a high chance of getting fake tickets.

The long and complicated process of getting prizes

Online lottery vendors


A lot of lotteries from all over the world

A simple and safe way to buy something

Multi-million reward pools


It requires an internet connection.

The sellers charge small fees.


You may have an idea about online casinos in India as well. Right now, the only way to play the government lottery in India is in person, so you’ll have to buy your tickets from vendors. Some websites say they sell tickets to the Indian government lottery online, but we can confirm that they are scams against the law. International lotteries have bigger prizes than any Indian government lottery could offer, and you can play them online.


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