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Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Doctors advocate greater awareness before intake of foods and drinks with Liquid nitrogen

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Pune ,

Columbia Asia Hospital conducted a life saving procedure to give a gift of life to a young man who presented to the hospital in the wee hours of a morning. The patient came with an abdomen that was torn and food had spilled out from the stomach flooding the abdomen and at a very high risk of the patient contracting severe life threatening infection. The team of doctors treating this case was led by Dr. Amit Deepta Goswami, HOD General Surgery and Dr. Mrigank Sharma, Sr. Consultant, Bariatric Surgery, at a Columbia Asia Hospital.

30 year old young man, went to a pub with friends just to have a good evening. When he ordered a drink, it was presented with fumes and looked most tempting. When he downed it quickly, he experienced a pain starting in his abdomen with a burning sensation. Perceiving it to be a form of acidity he requested the bar tender for another drink, wanting to squash the burning sensation. When the second drink did not assuage the discomfort and progressed to severe burning sensation and stomach ache, he realized he was in trouble.

The patient presented to the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital in a condition that was shocking to the doctors themselves. The stomach was torn in the inside and an incision of six inches could be seen by the doctors. The case was a life threatening one where immediate surgical intervention was required. A speedy decision was taken and the team set to repair the damages done by the drink which was later revealed had liquid nitrogen in it.

The surgical procedure lasted for four hours and the doctors had to stitch up the patient. Tons of food had flooded his stomach and outside which increased the risks of his contracting life threatening infection hugely. Tons of food had flooded his stomach and outside which increased the risks of his contracting life-threatening infection hugely.. The intestine is like pipe where continuity should be present for normal functioning of the entire abdomen. In this case 70% of the patient’s stomach had to be removed and continuity had to be restored. Therefore, a procedure called gastrectomy, where lower half of the stomach is removed was performed. It is important to know that the stomach has two edges, greater and lesser curves, and a procedure such as this has to be conducted with extreme skill and expertise to maintain the main function of the stomach.

Dr. Amit DeeptaGoswami says, “The effect of mixing alcohol and nitrogen can lead to disastrous results. When it is mixed with any cocktail it produces a bubbly and smoky concoction. This is a popular novelty but controversial. The boiling point of this concoction is minus 196*C and this makes the consumption potentially lethal. This patient came with the most diverse and challenging condition even for doctors to fathom where to start the treatment. Even the slightest delays could have led to fatal consequences and we were faced with a condition, probably one of the first in our careers.”

It is a known fact that pubs often serve drinks that may look tempting and delicious but are known to have a hazardous effect if ingredients are unknown to the consumer or produce any allergic outcome from person to person.

"In view of all the recent incidents that have occurred, which can be linked to the industry frequently visited by the younger generation, it is not only the responsibility of law makers but also a responsibility on part of doctors to educate on the ill effects on health brought about by these new concoctions, recipes of drinks which can harm people", says Dr Ashwini Kumar Handa,   MBBS , MD(Internal Medicine), DM( General Medicine),DM(Gastroenterology),Consultant, Gastroenterologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune.



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