Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Do away with rote method of teaching

New Delhi,
The Vice President of India, Shri M Venakaiah Naidu has called upon teachers to do away with rote method and make class-room learning an interesting and enjoyable experience. He wanted teachers to use technology to update and hone the skills of students instead of making learning a mechanical exercise.

Shri Naidu also said that there was a need for teachers to provide examples of real life situations to enable better understanding by the students.

Addressing the gathering after laying the foundation stone for Dr. S. Radhakrishnan auditorium at Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru today, and Shri Naidu said that the goal of education was not merely to get employment but it must lead to enlightenment and empowerment of the individual by fostering humane qualities.

Pointing out that technology could merely aid in faster acquisition of knowledge, Shri Naidu opined that it was only through human touch that a change in the attitude of students could be brought about for the larger good of the society.

The Vice President stressed that maintaining high standards of teaching were as important as imparting right values and moulding students into responsible and socially-conscious citizens.

Saying that Indian education system was passing through a critical phase as it strives to achieve quality and equity for all, Shri Naidu opined that it was time to focus on educational transaction that happens within the classroom.

Observing that character-building and strong grounding in India’s culture, history, traditions and customs have to be essential components of the education system, the Vice President said that it was important to accept good things from different quarters, and remain rooted to India’s past.

Referring to India’s revered Guru ShishyaParampara, Shri Naidu said that it sustained and a healthy understanding between teacher and pupil and also helped in the all round development of the student.

The Governor of Karnataka, Shri VajubhaiVala, Prof. H.K Senapati, Director NCERT, Prof. Y Sreekanth, Principal, and Regional Institute of Education were in attendance.




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