Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting on children’s health development in the pre-school and school system, focusing, in particular, on organising medical assistance and meals in kindergartens and schools.In his opening remarks, the President stressed that this issue requires particular attention from the authorities, and noted the worrying statistics on children’s health. More than half of all children, for example, are considered to be in a weakened state of health.

Mr Medvedev recalled that new federal standards for educational establishments were approved in December 2010, requiring them to ensure conditions for students’ health and safety, but many Russian schools still do not have medical offices.

The President noted some positive results too, in particular, achieved by the School Meals national programme and its related trial project. Student health statistics improved in practically all of the regions taking part in the trial project. A total of 48 regions have adopted programmes for improving organisation of school meals.

Mr Medvedev heard reports from a number of federal government ministers and regional governors, and announced that he will issue a list of instructions  and then hold another meeting on children’s health issues.


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