Divine names for babies born in sawan: Blessings from lord shiva


New Delhi : With the arrival of the holy month of Sawan on July 22nd this year, the devout hearts of Hindus across the world will turn towards Lord Shiva, the deity most closely associated with this auspicious time. Sawan is not only a period of profound spiritual significance but also a favorable time for families welcoming new life into their homes. It is believed that names inspired by Lord Shiva carry the divine blessings of the deity, bestowing upon the child a lifetime of grace, strength, and prosperity.

Understanding the Significance of Sawan

Sawan, beginning from July 22 and concluding on August 19, is considered the most sacred month dedicated to Lord Shiva. This year, the month starts and ends on a Monday, amplifying the spiritual vibrations, as Monday is the day devoted to Shiva. Devotees undertake various rituals, fasts, and worship during this month, seeking the deity’s blessings.

For families blessed with a newborn during Sawan, choosing a name inspired by Lord Shiva can be particularly auspicious. It is believed that a name aligned with the divine attributes of Shiva can influence the child’s destiny positively.

Auspicious Names for Boys Inspired by Lord Shiva

Selecting a name for your child is a decision of great importance, as it is thought to shape their personality and future. Here are some divine and powerful names linked to Lord Shiva:

  1. Shivansh – This name means “a part of Shiva.” It signifies that the child embodies a fragment of the divine essence of Lord Shiva.
  2. Shashi Shekhar – Derived from the combination of “Shashi” meaning moon and “Shekhar” meaning crown or ornament, this name reflects Lord Shiva, who adorns the moon on his forehead.
  3. Chandrashekhar – This name translates to “one who holds the moon on his head.” It is one of the epithets of Shiva, symbolizing his control over time and cosmic elements.
  4. Maheshwar – Meaning “lord of the universe,” this name denotes authority, strength, and divine power, attributes deeply associated with Lord Shiva.
  5. Ashutosh – Known as “one who fulfills wishes instantly,” this name highlights Shiva’s nature of granting boons and blessings promptly.
  6. Abhigamya – This name means “one who is approachable,” representing Shiva’s accessibility to his devotees and his merciful nature.
  7. Aniket – Translating to “lord of all,” this name signifies sovereignty and all-encompassing power, traits attributed to Lord Shiva.
  8. Rudra – Meaning “the one who eliminates evil,” this name reflects Shiva’s role as the destroyer of negativity and protector of righteousness.
  9. Mahesh – Another name for Lord Shiva, this name implies greatness and supreme power.
  10. Shankar – A widely known and revered name of Shiva, symbolizing auspiciousness and beneficence.
  11. Vidharth – This name means “full of virtues,” highlighting the divine qualities that a child with this name is hoped to possess.

The Importance of Names in Hindu Culture

In Hindu tradition, names are not merely labels but are imbued with deep spiritual significance. The act of naming a child is performed with rituals and prayers, invoking divine blessings. A name inspired by Lord Shiva, chosen during Sawan, carries the vibrations of this sacred period, potentially shaping the child’s character and future positively.

Rituals and Traditions During Sawan

During Sawan, devotees engage in various rituals to honor Lord Shiva. These include:

  • Fasting on Mondays (Somvar Vrat): Devotees fast and visit Shiva temples, performing Abhishek (ritual bathing) with milk, water, honey, and other sacred substances.
  • Chanting Shiva Mantras: Reciting powerful mantras like “Om Namah Shivaya” to seek blessings and spiritual growth.
  • Offering Bilva Leaves: Bilva or Bel leaves are considered highly auspicious and are offered to Shiva during Sawan.
  • Participating in Kanwar Yatra: Many devotees undertake a pilgrimage carrying holy water from the Ganges to offer at Shiva temples.

Benefits of Naming a Child After Lord Shiva

Naming a child after Lord Shiva is believed to impart several spiritual benefits, including:

  • Protection from Evil: Names like Rudra invoke Shiva’s protective aspect, shielding the child from harm.
  • Divine Blessings: A name inspired by Shiva can attract his blessings, ensuring the child’s well-being and prosperity.
  • Spiritual Growth: Such names can inspire spiritual growth and a strong moral foundation, aligning the child’s life path with righteousness.

Choosing a name for your child born in the auspicious month of Sawan is a significant decision. Names inspired by Lord Shiva not only honor the deity but also bestow divine blessings upon the child. Whether it’s Shivansh, Chandrashekhar, or Ashutosh, each name carries profound meaning and spiritual significance, promising a life filled with grace, strength, and divine protection.

As we embrace the sacred month of Sawan, let us celebrate the arrival of new life with names that reflect the divine essence of Lord Shiva, ensuring that the blessings of this holy period remain with our children throughout their lives.


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