Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Discover Mauritius the Musical Way

rhythmic, lively music, colourful Creole lyricsM.M.Khanna, INVC, Chandigarh, When we talk of culture and traditions in Mauritius, the unique ethnic diversity immediately transpires. Mauritius does not have one culture, but the blending of several cultures and traditions. The journey to the exotic land of Mauritius is incomplete without the enthralling and intoxicating feel of the Sega - the famous dance. It is rhythmic, lively music, colourful Creole lyrics; it is seen and lived as the dance expressing freedom and joy. The Sega is both the national dance and musical form of Mauritius. It was introduced by African slaves during the French colonial period. Sega is an exotic often erotic dance form. The Sega is a musical expression of the Mauritian way of life, joyous and carefree. Today, Sega is the national dance heard everywhere on beaches, in shops, in hotels and on each and every occasion for entertainment. The music & dance of Mauritius is something that mostly attracts the tourists to this beautiful destination. The dance form is really attractive and glamorous. Sega thrills lot of travellers with its high spirit dance movements and music. It is a passionate dance which involves a lot of hip movement and bright colourful costumes entice tourists. The skirts are long, ruffled and cut very wide to allow for the spinning movements while dancing. The beats are so captivating and enthralling that one cannot stop tapping foot and end up dancing and singing with sega dancers on rhythmic beats. The secret is to be unrestrained and let go of everything while you dance. Traditional Sega is played with the basic instruments known as the ravanne, the maravanne and the triangle. The beat of the drums, the shuffling of feet, the swaying of hips are part and parcel of the music. Sega parties are hosted on beaches accompanied by a bonfire. The sega has evolved over the years. Some of the sega songs are slow and have a sad note, others are extremely enthralling. Let yourself groove to the sega music during your stay. If you planning for spending a fantastical vaccation, then there is no better place then Mauritius for sure. The beats are gripping and exotic providing entertainment to the tourists. Enjoy a vacation in Mauritius which offers you endless modes of entertainment.



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