Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Discounts, Offers and Shopping Make Stress Free Living

Discounts, Offers and Shopping Make Stress Free LivingINVC NEWS New Delhi,

Stress Free Living is possible, but it takes a little work for reducing that stress and to know what triggers stress is important in our non-stop busy lifestyle. In fact,a study released this year by the Harvard and Stanford business schools found a direct link between work-related stress and serious health issues ranging from hypertension to depression. Shopping is so ingrained in modern life culture that terms such as “shopaholic” and “shop until you drop” are often used jokingly. But too much of shopping leads to financial related stress,discount coupons now will lead to stress free living. Shopping combines use of physical and mental energies, ensuring that we are temporarily distracted from our anxieties. Shopping is believed to be a stress-buster for a stressed person. It increases positive affect and help to relieve stress. Somehow people have a belief that if they gather materialistic good, they will feel better and a stressed individual strains themselves to the point where he/she is extraordinarily depressed and anxiousness. Ms. Kulpreet kaur, Co-Founder, Shop Pirate says,” Mobile shopping is witnessing an upsurge in India with 10.5%of the population surfing web using their smart phones and other mobile devices. Thus the need of the hour was to direct our focus on making the mobile shoppers content. Discount offers and coupons makes overall stress level low and shoppers get the  feeling of achievement and  as per a recent study ,shoppers using discount coupons are more happy and live much more healthy life than others . So,If you are stressed than involvement in any activity of your interest is better than being ideal.If one enjoys shopping then it is the best thing one can do for relieving the stress. By shopping, one can bring positive emotions and regulate negative emotions and stress. Since stress is often  accompanied by loss of interest, engaging in shopping can be a great relief.” The android app is designed to be an end-to-end shopping solution for users and the application is expected to deliver excellent results in terms of performance and scalability.



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