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Sunday, November 29th, 2020

Dilip Tahil is back With Movie Rocky The Slave

INVC,, Mumbai,, Prominent Actor Dilip Tahil who has been marked in many movies for many different roles,be soon seen in upcoming Movie Rocky The Slave. Directed by James John and Produced by Shobha Barla.Movie Rocky the slave shooting is on pace and recently the climax was also shot. The set of the climax was massive and star cast Dilip Tahil, Islam Qureshi, Gavin and Pradeep Kabra were in the scene. As Director James John was a stunt director previously, he has mixed every possible stunt aspect in the climax; there were three cameras at a time capturing the scene. Dilip Tahil is playing one of the major roles in the movie. He said, “The movie is very different and I have not done such a role before, the climax is shoot amazingly and it the best climax what a Hindi movie can have there is fight, emotions, action and drama”. With Dilip Tahil movie wraps stars like Shakti Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Pradeep Kabra, Gavin, and Sanjeev Siddharth; new faces-Preeti Mishra and Islam Qureshi. Director James John shared, “I was very much inspired by Chinese Director James Woo and followed him from long time, and this is my first movie as director so I hope Jesus will bless me”.  



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