Jaipur :  ” Discover the intricate details of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023, its relevance, and the imperative need for refining its technical aspects. Navigate the future of data privacy with insights from experts in technology, law, and policy. ” 

In the orientation program at the Poddar Institute of Management, University of Rajasthan, a special event was held today on the inclusion and convergence of management and technology by International Labor Organization’s IT Consulting Advisor and Swachh Bharat Mission nominated Ambassador Professor DP Sharma.

Dr. Sharma said that technology and management are complementary to each other and in the changing globalized scenario, it is difficult for both to survive for a long time if they do not go parallel to each other’s development through convergence and human touch. Presenting his views on the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 just passed by the Parliament, Dr. Sharma said that the bill is very relevant and vital but its technical aspects need to be rectified with time.

Professor NM Sharma, a former Professor in Rajasthan University, also delivered a lecture on Ancient Indian Management and Education System. Quoting Bhagawat Geeta, Professor Sharma emphasized on self-control and talked about Yoga and Pranayam for strong physical creativity of the students.

Dr. Naveen Mathur, coordinated the program and said that there is a need for spiritual thinking along with the technological developments so that the all-round development of the new generation can be possible. Professor Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Director of Podar Institute of Management, welcomed the guests and explained the importance of the orientation programme.


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