Digital India – A Mega Transformation Process in Sight


 –  Lt Col Atul Tyagi (retd) –

 Digital India

Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork. Digital India has three core components. These include creation of digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally and digital literacy.

The project is slated for completion by 2019. A two-way platform will be created where both the service providers and the consumers stand to benefit. The scheme will be monitored and controlled by the Digital India Advisory group which will be chaired by the Ministry of communication & IT. It will be an inter-ministerial initiative where all ministries and departments shall offer their own services to the public  health care, Judicial services, education.Digital India is a programme with transformative impact to prepare India for acknowledge future.The focus is on being transformative towards technology at the Centre. It weaves together a multitude of ideas & thoughts into single comprehensive vision. The whole idea is to launch schemes into synchronized manner with minimum cost.

Vision of Digital India: It is centered on 3 key area:

–          Digital infrastructure as utility to every citizen,

–          Governance & services on demand,

–          Digital empowerment of citizens,

As Utility to Every Citizen

–          High speed internet as core utility,

–          To establish digital identity – unique, lifelong & authenticated,

–          Mobile phone & bank accounts operations,

–          Shareable private space on public cloud,

–          Easy access to common service center,

Governance & Services on Demand

–          Seamless & integrated  connectivity across departments,

–          Real time Service availability,

–          All citizens documents to be available on the cloud,

–          Making financial transactions electronic

Digital Empowerment of Citizens


–          Universal digital literacy

–          Universally accessible digital resource

–          All documents to be available on cloud

–          Collaborative digital platform for participative governance

–          Availability of digital resource/service in Indian Language.

Nine Pillars of digital India:


–          Broad based highways,

–          Universal access to mobile connectivity- to cover remaining 43000 villages,

–          Public internet access Programme – National Rural Internet Mission,

–          E – governance – performing governance through technology,

–          E Kranti – electronic delivery of service

o   Technology for education,

o   Technology for medical

o   Technology for security

o   Technology for planning

–          Information for all,

–          Electronic Manufacturing – target zero net import,

–          IT for jobs- train people in smaller towns,

–          Early harvest programme – Wi Fi & secure email for all as primary means of communication,

The scale & scope of digital India programme appears unparalled.  With digital India programme being unfolded, there shall be evolution of commonality & spontaneity par excellence across length & breadth of the country. The socio economic integration shallappear complete & complimentary.The Digital India initiative is a promising initiative of the Indian Government  which will affect the future of the country in manner which cannot be thought of at present.


Lt-Col-Atul-TyagiA Brief:
Lt Col Atul Tyagi retd
Registrar, JAYPEE University, Anoop shahr

Lt Col Atul Tyagi (retd) was commissioned in traditionalist Regt of Artillery of Indian Army on 20 dec 1986. He served in multiple number of outfits in the regiment from Basic & core field units to highly technical Surveillance & target acquisition units till he voluntarily sought premature retirement in 2008.

He did a number of Army courses & programmes including competitive Long Gunnery Staff Course which catapulted him to be covetous ‘Instructor in Gunnery’ & a Post graduate in tech equipment from Pune University. During his inning in Indian Army, he traversed length & breadth of the country & having been stationed at multiple places for multifold tasking, he acquired vast experience in administration, operations, logistics & man management. He served physically in field unnt in active Kargil Battle Zone in 1999 & had his inning in Counter insurgency operations in J& K.
Lt Col Atul Tyagi attended Executive programme in Business Administration for Armed forces from Management development Institute, Gurgoan. Besides that, he credited himself by acquiring LL.B, M.Sc (Guidance & Counselling), MBA, MDBA, Symbiosis. He is likely to accomplish LL.B & Ph.D in coming months. He is also a certified trainer in the field of human development.

Lt Col Atul Tyagi re initiated his career in Education management as Associate Professor in professional Engineering & management institutions where he took upon subjects like HR, Human Values, Organization behavior, Business laws, Personality development. He touched upon all dimensions in education management from Admission to placement etc & graced positions of Head PGDM department, Dean Administration & HOD, training development & placement. He developed himself as motivational trainer & associated with Indian Society of training & development & also acquired the status of Certified Trainer. He took upon the task of corporate training sessions, guest lectures in different institutions.

In his just previous assignment, he adorned the covetous role of General Manager- Administration & Human resource at Bhushan Steel Plant, Orissa. He has taken over the position of first Registrar of Jaypee University, Anoopshahr wef 08 Jan 2015. He shall also address Human development as a subject for all encompassing development  of the students.

Mob       :  9012847130,9540652090,
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