Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Diabetes and heart attack is a risky combination


Aster RV Hospital conducted a day long healthcare awareness talk on ‘Diabetic and Heart related Failure and its preventability’ at its premise today in order to raise more awareness among the public. Close to 200 people participated in the program. Additionally, the first 100 registered participants got free diabetic Average sugar blood test (HBA1C) and Heart failure blood test (NT Pro BNP)

The session witnessed a health talk on diabetes and its effect on heart health by Dr Manjunath Malige and Dr Srinivas Prasad B V. The doctors urged the participants and their family to be aware about the warning signs of diabetes and prevent this serious life – long diseases at the early stage.


Dr Manjunath Malige Lead Consultant - Endocrinology & Diabetes, Aster RV Hospital said, Diabetes is a growing public health concern because of the large burden of diabetic population in India. Diabetes is also slowly growing among the younger population which was not the case earlier. Often people do not realise they are suffering from diabetes because early symptoms are not very severe. With poorly controlled and untreated diabetes can lead to blindness, amputation due to gangrene, kidney failure, heart attack or stroke. However, understanding diabetes and its symptoms starts with awareness. Patients with diabetes is not the end of normal life, but with proper knowledge one can lead a normal life.


Dr Srinivas Prasad B V, consultant Interventional cardiologist, Aster RV Hospital said, Diabetes and heart attack is a risky combination. Those who are suffering from diabetes are more prone to heart related issues, and the after effects of a heart attack are much more severe in a diabetic individual. Diabetic individuals generally have higher blood sugar levels than the average person, because of which their artery walls are weaker and they have higher levels of cholesterol deposits in heart veins. Those diabetic patients with a past history of coronary artery disease or previous incidence of heart attack must undergo treatments to reduce their blood sugar level and decrease the risk of heart failure”



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