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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Dengue cases on increase in the country but malaria cases on decline

INVC NEWS Gurugram/ New Delhi

Pest control professionals attending the Two day national conference on pest management ‘India Pest 2018’ have stressed on need of prevention , control and education still the best solution to control growing vector borne disease including malaria and dengue in the country.

“Despite development of  new innovative technologies to combat mosquito and pest borne disease identifying ,treating and formulating preventive measures is the best solution to control increasing  vector borne disease in the country. As most of the people do not have resources to take advantage of new preventive technologies as well as expensive treatment , the best solution is build and sustain public health programs that test for and track vector-borne diseases, train vector control staff appropriately, and educate the public on how best to prevent bites and control the spread of germs by mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in their areas” said Mr Jaldhi Trivedi, President, Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA), the apex body of pest control professionals in the country.

“About 350 pest control professionals from across the nation  attending a Two day national conference on Pest management “Indiapest2018”  to discuss and learn about latest developments, products, ,services, techniques and regulations in the pest control industry. They will also be discussing latest non chemical pesticides including bio and organic pesticides and Integrated Pest Management” said Mr Jaldhi Trivedi, President, Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) speaking on the occasion.

“The Malaria cases in the country are on constant decline in the country as they have come down to Eight lakh during the year 2017 but Dengue cases are on constant increase in the country . During 2017 about 1.8 lakh cased of dengue were reported as compared to 1.3 lakh during the year 2016 . As there is no specific treatment or effective vaccine for dengue ,prevention is the best cure  .” said   Dr P K Sen, Director , National Vector Borne Disease Control program speaking on the occasion.

“If you want to have the happiest monsoon; then make sure your house and working premises is pest-free as rain insects cause some serious health problems.The pesky rain insects ,  pests mice snd rats including  cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes can cause number of health problems ; few precautions and sources from where they step in during monsoon season in India : Mr Prakash Sasidharan,general secretary, IPCA .

“Some of other safeguards include wearing long pants and full sleeve clothes Protect yourself against the water borne diseases.  Eat freshly cooked food and do wash and clean the salads and any leafy vegetables to get rid of germs.” He said

About 350 professionals from all over India took part in the Two day ‘Indipest’ which concluded here today.




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