Demand for Hindu Rashtra once again intensified in Nepal – Hindu Rashtra supporters demonstrated

Hindu Rashtra Surges in Nepal

kathmandu : The demand for Hindu Rashtra is once again increasing in Nepal. Violence broke out when supporters of Hindu Rashtra demonstrated in the capital Kathmandu on Monday. There has been a fierce clash between the police and the protesters. Meanwhile, the police released tear gas shells and used water cannon to disperse the protesters. The protesters say that monarchy should be re-imposed in the country.

The protesters have the support of the country’s nationalist ‘Rashtriya Prajatantra Party’. Rashtriya Prajatantra Party is the fifth largest party in Nepal. Party spokesperson Mohan Shrestha said that restoration of monarchy, a Hindu nation and federal system are our main demands.

Protestors raised slogans while blowing conch shells near major government buildings in Kathmandu. According to police officials, the protesters were trying to enter the restricted area, during which a clash broke out between the two.


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