– India Israel Friendship Group  and Human Rights Defence International members join prayers – 

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New Delhi,
In a touching gesture  Delhi’s Judah Hyam Synagogue offered prayers for the victims of Amarnath massacre who were victims of Islamic terrorists. Prayers were led by Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar.

Prayers were attended by members of India Israel Friendship Group led by Mr Tarun Vijay, former MP and Human Rights Defence International led by its secy general Mr Rajesh Gogna, advocate supreme court.

Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar said that the Jewish community has always believed in the unity of all religions and has been supporting India’s progress . He condemned the Amarnath massacre and said that this is the time when Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians must stand together to fight the evil of terrorism.

Mr Tarun Vijay said that this is the time when all Indians must work unitedly to eliminate the coward islamic terrorism and forget religious differences .  He thanked the Rabbi and Jewish community for sharing the grief and sorrows of the families of the  Hindu  pilgrims. Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar said that Israel is in our heart but India is in every drop of our blood, hence it is a matter of sadness for us to see pilgrims dying in terror attack.

Mr Rajesh Gogna said that the Islamic terror has become the single most dreaded threat to the human rights of all people across the nationalities and India is the biggest victim of it. We must forget our differences and show social solidarity to crush terrorism.


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