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New Delhi ,

Delhi Police is developing a Quick Response (QR) code monitoring mobile App for taxi, autorikshaw and public transport especially for   women passenger safety in the capital.

“Post Nirbhaya incident most of the women in Capital feel insecure using public transport especially in the late hours. Even the metro rail has become too over crowded forcing people to use private vehicles and public transport .The main aim of QR code which will be monitored at a control room is to improve security for women using public transportation including cabs during late hours” said Mr Sanjay Beniwal ,Special Commissioner of Police, Women safety, Airport and modernisation, Delhi police while inaugurating a Two day conference on ‘Safer and Convenient Taxi Operations in India’  organised by Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), in partnership with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India and is supported by Goodyear India Limited here today.

The QR code monitoring system reads the details of the driver and the vehicle and allows a customer’s entire journey to be tracked.

“The Code of Conduct is a  must for to set minimum taxi industry protocol and standards of customer service. These are service standards that can be improved upon by licensed operators, drivers and communications networks as they seek to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the commercial passenger vehicle industry. Taxi service industry in country like India is expected to maintain high standards and provide a high quality of service to the hirer .The impression visitors from India and abroad often can be influenced by the quality of service received from the driver of a commercial passenger vehicle.” Said Mr Trevor Wedge ,former Chief, Driver standards Agency , United Kingdom (UK) while speaking on the occasion.

“Taxi drivers are expected to be professional in their approach to the industry and to drive safely and defensively in all weather and traffic conditions. Clean and presentable driver and vehicle, Good knowledge of local routes, major and tourist destinations. It  is in the interest of owners and operators to provide professional training for all drivers to ensure a high quality of service is provided to all customers.  “ said Dr Rohit Baluja, Director , IRTE specking on the occasion .

“ The Eminent experts are attending the two day deliberations to discuss Codes of Practice for Taxi Operation, Codes of Practice for Taxi Driver Training & Licensing, Safer Vehicles- Comfort Cabins And Making Taxis Safe and Convenient for Passengers: women and children, differently abled and elderly” said Mr Baluja.

Eminent Speakers at the Two day conference will include Mr. Sanjay Beniwal, IPS, Special Commissioner of Police- Women Safety, Airport and Modernisation, Delhi, Chair: Mr. Amit Jain, CEO, Uber India , Mr. Trevor Wedge, Former Chief, Driver Standards Agency, UK, Mr. Amulya Patnaik, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Delhi and Mr. Rajeev Anand, Managing Director, Goodyear India Ltd.


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