Delhi once again becomes the most polluted capital of the world


If you have any hope of healthy breathing in Delhi, then this report can be painful for you because for the fourth time in a row, Delhi has remained on top in terms of pollution and also Delhi has once again become the most polluted capital of the world. . This news is very bad for the countrymen and especially for the people of Delhi. At the same time, Begusarai of Bihar has emerged as the most polluted metropolitan area in the world.

According to the World Air Quality Report 2023 by Swiss organization IQAir, India was the country with the third worst air quality in 2023 out of 134 countries, behind Bangladesh and Pakistan. In 2022, India was ranked as the eighth most polluted country. Apart from this, Begusarai has been named as the most polluted metropolitan area globally. The city’s name did not appear in the 2022 ranking either.

Delhi got the status of the world’s most polluted capital for four consecutive times since 2018.

Delhi was ranked the world’s most polluted capital for four consecutive times since 2018. The report said that an estimated 1.36 billion people in India experience PM2.5 concentrations that exceed the annual guideline level of 5 micrograms per cubic meter recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also, 1.33 billion people, or 96 percent of the Indian population, experience PM2.5 levels seven times the WHO annual PM2.5 guideline. In more than 66 percent of the cities of the country, the annual average is more than 35 micrograms per cubic meter.

How was the data extracted?

IQAir said the data used to create this report came from more than 30,000 regulated air quality monitoring stations and a global network of low-cost air quality sensors operated by research institutes, government bodies, universities and educational facilities, non-profit non-governmental organizations Was collected from distribution.

After 2022, the situation of 2023 is bad

The 2022 World Air Quality Report included data from 7,323 locations in 131 countries, territories and regions. In 2023, this number increased to 7,812 locations in 134 countries, territories and regions. Estimated to account for one in every nine deaths worldwide, air pollution is the greatest environmental threat to human health. According to WHO, air pollution is responsible for an estimated seven million premature deaths worldwide every year.

Can become victim of serious diseases

Exposure to PM2.5 air pollution causes a number of health conditions, including, but not limited to, asthma, cancer, stroke, and lung disease. It can also lead to mental health problems and worsen existing conditions, including diabetes. Diseases can be complex.



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