Delhi Jal Board water will be better than the mineral water sold in the market

Mineral water bottling plant of Delhi Jal Board has started from today. Through this, the thirst of thousands of households will be quenched daily. Saurabh Bhardwaj, Vice-Chairman, Delhi Jal Board, today inaugurated a water bottling plant at Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi. It has a capacity to fill 9 thousand bottles per day. In this bottling plant, using modern technologies, water will be filled in bottles by making it potable and then these water bottles will be delivered to the general public through Jal Suvidha Kendra.

Along with this, different institutions or any common person can also place large orders for water bottles. During this, MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj told that this plant will work in 3 shifts. The work of packing 3 thousand bottles will be done in every shift i.e. there will be a capacity to fill 9 thousand bottles of water in a day. The water that is being supplied to the plant for filling the bottles will also be recycled and used again so that there is no wastage of water at all. Deputy Chairman, Delhi Jal Board, Mr. Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the Delhi Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal aims to ensure that the people of Delhi do not face any problem of drinking water.

At present, people buy drinking water bottles from local vendors. Whose quality is not known to anyone. Nirmal and mineral-rich water of Ganga will be supplied from this bottling plant of Delhi Jal Board and its quality and quality will be regularly checked by the laboratory. Along with this, the price of these water bottles will also be fixed by the Delhi Jal Board so that the common people can be provided better water than the market at the right price.

The quality of water that will be supplied from this bottling plant of Delhi Jal Board will be better than the standards of BIS standard. It will also be better than the packaged water bottles sold in the market. In this plant, 3.5 lakh liters of water will be supplied daily from river Ganga. So that common people can get pure and mineral-rich water of river Ganga for drinking. Activated carbon and micro filtration technology will be used in this plant to make the water potable. Also, this plant will not require any human intervention for bottling, bottle washing, bottling and packing, this plant is fully automatic.

The Delhi Jal Board will keep a close watch on the functioning of this plant so that there is no shortage of water quality. No chemicals will be used in this plant. Apart from this, the quality of this plant will be checked by the laboratory from time to time to ensure that the best technology is being used in the bottling of water. Delhi Jal Board will also determine the prices of the bottles of water coming out of this plant. PLC/GT


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