New Delhi,

The Delhi Book Fair 2015 witnessed the biggest crowd of visitors today as the event approaches the last day for the year. The festive holiday of Janamasthami brought a horde of people to the fair. Many stalls have put up boards offering heavy discounts on their books. Families, school children and the working youth were spotted all around the fair to make the most of the concession on hand. Bestsellers and popular books are being offered on sale for as cheap as Rs. 20/- for one.

Amity University organized a street play today in the fair for the visitors. The theme of the play was centered on sex education. It was performed by over 30 ex-students of Amity University. It displayed the importance of spreading awareness about sex education in India, especially among teenagers and the youth. The Chief Guest for this event was Mr. R.R. Aiyar, Senior Executive V.P. at Amity University Press.

The Federation of Indian Publishers will be organizing a gathering for Hindi publishers to discuss the challenges of the publishing world. The Chief Guest for the event will be Mr. Brijkishore Sharma, Chairman of the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library. It will also be attended by renowed poetess Ms. Laxmi Shankar Bajpai and Shri Amarnath Amar, Programming Head of Doordarshan. The seminar will also emphasize on the development of libraries and to inculcate the reading interest for Hindi literature.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Delhi Book Fair 2015. Heavy discounts and cheap sales are guaranteed since the stalls declare a clearance sale towards the last hours of the fair. The entry to the fair will sealed by 7.30pm. The Delhi Book Fair will close at 8pm.


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