Delegation comprising young leaders visited Taiwan



Shahzad Akhtar 

New Delhi. Along with the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh which is under complete sovereignty of India, China is now intending to capture Taiwan too. In this context, Taiwan has urged the powerful nations including India to interfere in the matter. 

Expressing their grave concern towards the dangerous intentions of China the public and politicians of Taiwan admitted before the delegation comprising young leaders who is in their 6 day visit to Taiwan that the Chinese intentions towards grabbing the Indian territory of Arunachal Pradesh is clear. In a similar fashion China is now eyeing to bring Taiwan under its control which is also a key part of Chinese diplomacy and expansion policy. 

National Advisor to the President of Taiwan, Stefan.S.F.Chain uttered the same concern before the delegation at the Presidents’ house. The delegation involves senior leader and corporator of Akali Dal Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Samajwadi Partys’ Rajya Sabha MP Kayan Akhtar, journalist Dinesh Sharma, former BJP MLA Vijay Jolie and Congress leader Ravni Thakur. The delegation participated in more than 24 meetings in its 6 day tour to Taiwan.  


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