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Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Dedication and hard work impresses

A farewell ceremony was held at Raj Bhawan today in honour of Governor Kalraj Mishra. Lady Governor Satyavati Mishra was also present on this occasion.

The Governor praised the Raj Bhawan staff and said that dedication and hard work of the employees has impressed him. He said that he is going from Himachal with a new responsibility but the affection given by people has given him new energy, which will inspire him. He said that on the basis of the relationship developed here with the staff he felt that there is no formality and people have a sense of belongingness.

On this occasion, Secretary to the Governor Rakesh Kanwar honoured the Governor Kalraj Mishra and the Lady Governor.

Rakesh Kanwar said that it is our privilege that staff got the opportunity to work with a great personality. He said that during the Governor's short tenure in Himachal Pradesh, every employee of Raj Bhawan has adopted the lessons they have learned from him. He expressed good wishes to Kalraj Mishra on behalf of the Raj Bhawan staff for the new responsibility as Governor of Rajasthan.

On this occasion, other officials also expressed their views.




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